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"THANK YOU for everything that you have done for me, Judit! 

Words aren’t enough to describe what I feel towards you!"

Judit makes me want to be a mom!

This is something I have been saying to everyone one I have met ever since we parted ways and I moved back to India.

From organizing my nursery, to giving my postpartum elephant feet some relief with her love, to cooking up the most delicious lasagna in the world  -  this girl has been with me through the toughest and best moments of my life till date. 

The knowledge and understanding she has about the work she does amazes me even today. She knows how to solve the problem before it becomes a problem. When I had my baby, I had no idea the journey I was in for. If it wasn’t for Judit by my side, I don’t know how I would have done it so smoothly.


During the 6 weeks that we spent together, she was like my mother, my friend, my sister, my confidant, my partner , my family , my everything all in one.

The work she does speaks volumes about the person she is... kind and gentle. All the mothers who have received her support and the ones who will receive it in the future are also going to feel the same way - I know it! "


"There is no overstating Judit’s impact on a new family: she is quite literally a godsend. I expected to want to protect our time as a new family of three in the very beginning, but quickly found myself desperate for guidance and support. I am so lucky that guidance and support came in the form of Judit! She genuinely cared about helping us navigate the early days and was that perfect balance between respecting our goals and teaching us important lessons along the way. She was instrumental in helping me develop a routine that could start to establish a rhythm in our days, and I absolutely credit her with helping our baby become a “happy sleeper” sleeping through the night by four months old. Judit is so much more than a night nurse would be - she is truly a partner on the new parenting journey. If I found out I was pregnant again, she would be my second call!"


"Judit is like a fairy godmother that will come in and take care of your entire family. She is magical and will make those first few harrowing months so much easier and so lovely. You will be well rested, well fed and able to enjoy your new bundle because Judit takes care of everything else for you. I've raised a newborn without Judit and 2 others with her - TRUST ME- you need her in your life! "


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