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As a Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor, I provide you information and assistance with the following topics:


-General information about anatomy and nursing lifestyle
-Benefits of breastfeeding vs breastfeeding myths
-Latch and Positioning

-Self care while breastfeeding (breast care, diet)

-Hunger clues and making sure your baby is getting enough

-Returning to work

-Pumping and storing milk

-Set you up for a good start

-Growing your confidence

-How to cope with older siblings, tandem breastfeeding
-Referrals to IBCLC and supporting groups


I provide private services, where I come to your home prenatally, help you set up your breastfeeding area and give you information for a strong start. These visits are designed for your needs and personalized for you based on your interests.


This in home service is usually 2-4 hours long.

Please contact me to find an appointment which works for both of us!



Community Breastfeeding Classes

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