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I recommend these services to expectant parents, who are looking to hire a person, that can give emotional, informational, physical and spiritual support during their pregnancy, labor, birth and immediate postpartum.

As a birth doula, I provide non-judgemental, evidence based support during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum:

- I provide you with information to be able to make decisions and goals for your labor and birth.

- I support your goals and decisions, even if they may change during labor.

- I arrange opportunity in between medical staff and you to help you receive information.

- I help to arise confidence in the birthing person during labor.

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I provide prenatal visits, to prepare for labor and birth. I am on call for birth two weeks prior due date and guarantee a back up doula support. I give phone/text support once labor start and before  we would meet as the labor progresses.

As a birth doula my services include, but not limited:

- Free interview to get to know each other

- 2 prenatal visits included in the price

- Education about pregnancy, labor, child birth and postpartum

- Lactation and/or infant feeding education

- Referrals to other care providers

- Guidance to healthy nutrition intake and lifestyle during pregnancy

- Teaching pain management, comfort measure techniques

- Providing massage or other soothing/pain relief techniques during labor

- Guidance building a birth plan/ birth preferences

- Educating the birthing partner how to support birthing person

- Taking birth notes

- Taking pictures/videos of the labor, birth and first touches

- Postpartum visit and follow up calls

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